Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Research data via WaLTER portal

Easy accessaccess to data resources (> 10.000 data sets).

The WaLTER 'Wadden Sea Long-Term Ecosystem Research program', coordinated by NIOZ, is a joint initiative of several institutes and organisations that are involved in long-term measurements and research in the Wadden Sea area. Within WaLTER we developed a blueprint for an integrated monitoring program to supply the information needed for main themes in the Wadden Sea area such as fisheries, tourism and the impacts of climate change on safety and natural values.

The data portal of WaLTER provides an integrated and harmonised overview and access to data resources (> 10.000 data sets), using a distributed network approach within a larger PanEuropean infrastructure. In addition to providing advice for monitoring (themes), the website supplies several tools for policy- and decision-making, including guidelines for optimisation of monitoring protocols, e.g. with regard to sediment composition, primary productivity of pelagic and benthic algae, intertidal macrozoobenthos and tidal flat dynamics of wadden systems.