Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

North Sea model results

This section shows some model results. In order to transmit a feeling for the dynamics in the whole system we present a number of movies that show aspects of system behaviour as they evolve in space and time. The model is still under development and the dynamics shown here will not necessarily coincide completely with observable reality.


The results presented in North Sea Dynamics are only a small sample of the full set of simulation results. We have limited ourselves to some examples of what we consider to be the central features of the model. Using movies as the output medium, results can be shown in 2 space dimensions over time, which then represents the third dimension. Most variables are displayed in time over the surface field (x, y) of the North Sea. Some movies, however, show the dynamics of a variable versus water depth along an E-W transect between Denmark and the UK east-coast at a latitude of 57ºN.


In North Sea Aggregated we also present results which give a summary of the dynamics by presenting graphs of annual averages of a variety of state variables and processes. This way of presentation clearly illustrates the large spatial variability in the North Sea for most biotic and abiotic conditions.