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Spatial modelling with the GETM-ERSEM-BFM model.

Spatial modelling

Shallow coastal seas are generally characterized by high turn-over rates of resources. Due to wave action and tidal energy, mixing depths are relatively deep, and biogenic particulates are regularly resuspended and deposited, resulting in a strong benthic-pelagic coupling and an efficient coupling of production and remineralization. Temporal and spatial patterns in biogeochemistry and hydrography for such basins can only be reproduced by combining a biogeochemical model with a 3D hydrodynamic model which then provides the basics for an ecosystem model. 

Spatial modelling with the GETM-ERSEM-BFM model: the basic flow of carbon and nutrients within ERSEM-BFM and the application of the water column model for spatial studies (right). Note that the hydrodynamical model GETM provides the horizontal transports for physical, chemical and biological properties. The water column model (right) relies on the hydrodynamical model GOTM for the vertical transports.

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