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Marsdiep ferry-based velocity record

The NIOZ has a 20-year record of velocity measurements obtained with an ADCP under the TESO ferry that operates between Texel and Den Helder. This part is called the “Marsdiep” and is a tidal inlet characterized by strong tidal velocities combined with freshwater discharge from Lake Ijssel. As a result, this inlet has highly complicated dynamics that include many interesting features left for us to understand. Using (part of) this data, we can understand all kinds of mixing processes and estuarine dynamics. Although these observations are very local, they often provide insights that apply to phenomena found around the globe, and altogether may impact ocean circulation and climate.


We seek a Master's student looking for a research project of 6+ months with interest in physical oceanography and a background in geophysical fluid dynamics, physics or applied mathematics. Data analyses will use Matlab or Python. Previous experience is not required, but willingness to learn is essential. Timing is flexible and the main work location is NIOZ Texel or remote, depending on project and pandemic.


Please contact Dr Sjoerd Groeskamp ( for further information.