Punta de la Banya in the Ebro Delta. This may have been about the view (with the sunset behind the mountains) that Ravi had when he arrived here yesterday evening. Photographer: Xavier Grané Feliu.

The wind conditions were favorable, with a mild (15 km/h) tailwind, blowing from a northeasterly direction. After a non-stop flight of nearly 8 hours, during which he travelled about 550 km (implying an average speed of about 70 km/h!) he arrived at 19:15 in the Delta de l’Ebre in Spain, a very important stop-over and wintering site for Spoonbills and many other waterbirds. Ravi is currently staying at the peninsula Punta de la Banya. This is where he spent the night and he seems to have decided to stay today as well, which may be a wise decision as heavy rains are currently hitting southeastern Spain. Stay tuned to see if and when Ravi will continue to migrate further south.

This morning, also spoonbill Alex departed, following a nearly identical route as Ravi. They were staying together in the Marais de Vigueirat. Will they meet again in the Delta de l’Ebre? Stay tuned!

Bad weather in Spain on 11 September 2019.