Tom Ysebaert

Senior Scientist
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+31 (0)113 577 485
Senior Scientist

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STW NatureCoast_Nature-driven nourishment of coastal systems
Tom Ysebaert
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
Project duration
1 Dec 2012 - 31 Mar 2017
Smartsediment_Innovative sediment management in the Scheldt Delta
Tom Ysebaert
Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland
Project duration
1 Sep 2016 - 31 Aug 2019

Linked publications

  • 2017
    Cozzoli, F.; Smolders, S.; Eelkema, M.; Ysebaert, T.; Escavarage, V.; Temmerman, S.; Meire, P.; Herman, P.; Bouma, T.J (2017). A modeling approach to assess coastal management effects on benthic habitat quality: a case study on coastal defense and navigability. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 184: 67-82.
  • 2016
    Schwarz, C.; Ysebaert, T.; Vandenbruwaene, W.; Temmerman, S.; Zhang, L.; Herman, P. (2016). On the potential of plant species invasion influencing bio-geomorphologic landscape formation in salt marshes. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 41(14): 2047-2057.
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    Walles, B.; Fodrie, F.J.; Nieuwhof, S.; Jewell, O.J.W; Herman, P.M.J.; Ysebaert, T. (2016). Guidelines for evaluating performance of oyster habitat restoration should include tidal emersion: reply to Baggett et al. Restor. Ecol. 24(1): 4-7.
    Walles, B.; Smaal, A.C.; Herman, P.M.J.; Ysebaert, T. (2016). Niche dimension differs among life-history stages of Pacific oysters in intertidal environments. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 562: 113-122.
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    Ysebaert, T.; van der Hoek, D.-J.; Wortelboer, R.; Wijsman, J.W.M.; Tangelder, M.; Nolte, A. (2016). Management options for restoring estuarine dynamics and implications for ecosystems: a quantitative approach for the Southwest Delta in the Netherlands. Ocean Coast. Manag. 121: 33-48.
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  • 2015
    Schwarz, C.; Bouma, T.J.; Zhang, L.Q.; Temmerman, S.; Ysebaert, T.; Herman, P.M.J. (2015). Interactions between plant traits and sediment characteristics influencing species establishment and scale-dependent feedbacks in salt marsh ecosystems. Geomorphology (Amst.) 250: 298-307.
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    van der Werf, J.; Reinders, J.; van Rooijen, A.; Holzhauer, H.; Ysebaert, T. (2015). Evaluation of a tidal flat sediment nourishment as estuarine management measure. Ocean Coast. Manag. 114: 77-87.
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    Walles, B.; Salvador de Paiva, J.; Van Prooijen, B.; Ysebaert, T.; Smaal, A.C. (2015). The Ecosystem Engineer Crassostrea gigas Affects Tidal Flat Morphology Beyond the Boundary of Their Reef Structures. Est. Coast. 38(3): 941-950.
  • 2014
    Cozzoli, F.; Eelkema, M.; Bouma, T.J; Ysebaert, T.; Escaravage, V.; Herman, P.M.J. (2014). A mixed modeling approach to predict the effect of environmental modification on species distributions. Monitor Taskforce Publication Series, 2014-04. NIOZ: Yerseke.
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  • 2013
    Beauchard, O.; Jacobs, S.; Ysebaert, T.; Meire, P. (2013). Avian response to tidal freshwater habitat creation by controlled reduced tide system. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 131: 12-23.
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  • 2012
    Van Colen, C.; Rossi, F.; Montserrat, F.; Andersson, M.G.I.; Gribsholt, B.; Herman, P.M.J.; Degraer, S.; Vincx, M.; Ysebaert, T.; Middelburg, J.J,. (2012). Organism-sediment interactions govern post-hypoxia recovery of ecosystem functioning. PLoS One 7(11): e49795.
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