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PhD student
Technische Universiteit Delft
Bert Vermeersen
  • Glacial isostatic adjustment
  • Regional sea-level change

Tim Hermans

PhD student

Research Interests

My PhD study at NIOZ is about the high-resolution numerical modelling of regional sea-level change in the European Shelf area. Regional sea-level change can deviate strongly from global mean sea-level change, which is especially very relevant to coastal communities. In order to represent the true spatial variability of sea-level change at the coasts, delta and estuaries, it is likely that the coarse resolutions of the climate models that are currently being used to compute sea-level change projections, need to be improved.  The goal of the project is to compute sea-level rise projections on a higher spatial resolution for the use of these projections closer to the coast. We can then get a better understanding of which processes are responsible for the dynamical sea-level pattern on high spatial resolutions, and of the impact of sea-level change on ecological systems.

About Me

I received my masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2017, specializing in Astrodynamics & Space Missions. My master thesis was on the 3D numerical modelling of glacial isostatic adjustment in Antarctica. After that, I started as a PhD candidate at the Estuarine & Delta Systems department of NIOZ in January 2018, under supervision of Dr. Aimée Slangen. I am also a part of the NIOZ Sea Level Centre of Expertise.

NIOZ publications