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Tim de Groot

PhD student
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+31 (0)222 36 9465
PhD student
Universiteit Utrecht
Jaap Sinninghe Damste

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Wednesday 10 June 2020
Wadden Sea research on interactions between microorganisms and their environment
After 3 months of lock down, RV Navicula set sail from Texel again on June 10th. On board are NIOZ scientist Julia Engelmann, post-doc Pierre Ramond and PhD student Tim de Groot. By this blog they will try to keep us informed about their experiences:…

NIOZ publications

  • 2021
    Lippmann, T.J.R.; in 't Zandt, M.H.; Van der Putten, N.; Busschers, F.S.; Hijma, M.P.; van der Velden, P.; de Groot, T.; van Aalderen, Z.; Meisel, O.H.; Slomp, C.P.; Niemann, H.; Jetten, M.S.M.; Dolman, H.A.J.; Welte, C.U. (2021). Microbial activity, methane production, and carbon storage in Early Holocene North Sea peats. Biogeosciences 18(19): 5491-5511.