Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Phone number
+31 (0)222 36 9560
Research Assistant

Sanne Vreugdenhil

Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Molecular biology (environmental, ecological)
  • Marine microbiology (archaea, bacteria, algae)
  • Biogeochemistry (archaeal lipids)


In 2013 I started with my B.Sc. Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at Hogeschool Leiden, with the specialisation Microbiology. In September 2016 I started a 9 month internship for my graduation, working in both the molecular, and the biochemistry laboratory. With my thesis about the diversity of marine Archaea and archaeal lipids in the coastal North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea I succesfully finished my B.Sc. in June 2017.


Directly after I finished my internship at the NIOZ, I started working as a Research Assistant in the molecular ecology laboratory, as a part of the MMB department. I support scientists in doing molecular work, e.g. doing DNA/RNA extractions, (quantitative) PCR, preparing samples for (amplicon) sequencing, cloning.

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