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PhD student
Universiteit Gent
Karline Soetaert

Sandra Maier

PhD student

Short CV

since 2015:  PhD student at NIOZ
2014:            Internship at German Marine Research Consortium, Brussels, Belgium
2013:            Internship at Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI) & SECORE   
                      (sexual coral reproduction) foundation, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
2010-2013:  Master of Marine Biology at University of Bremen, Germany
2007-2010:  Bachelor of Biology at University of Bremen & Constance, Germany

Research interests

  • Benthic communities
  • Cold-water coral reefs
  • Carbon & nitrogen cycling
  • Food webs
  • Bentho-pelagic coupling (benthos, phyto- & zooplankton)
  • Stable isotopes: natural abundance and tracer experiments
  • Feeding studies
  • Compound-specific stable isotope analysis (fatty acids, amino acids, ...)



Jantzen C, Häussermann V, Försterra G, Laudien J, Ardelan M, Maier S, Richter C (2013): Occurrence of a cold-water coral along natural pH gradients (Patagonia, Chile). Marine Biology 160:2597-2607.


NIOZ publications

  • 2019
    Maier, S.R.; Kutti, T.; Bannister, R.J.; van Breugel, P.; van Rijswijk, P.; van Oevelen, D. (2019). Survival under conditions of variable food availability: Resource utilization and storage in the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa. Limnol. Oceanogr. 64(4): 1651-1671.