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Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Peter Herman

Rebecca James

PhD student


  • Marine ecology
  • Seaweed ecophysiology
  • Ocean acidification and climate change
  • Biogeomorphic landscapes

PhD project

Investigating the ecosystem functioning of shallow Caribbean bays, and predicting their response to climate change.

With monitoring and community surveys we are developing an understanding of the very dynamic present-day conditions of shallow Caribbean bays. With this knowledge we can more strongly predict the response of this ecosystem to future changes. 

In situ experiments are used to investigate the functioning of the ecosystem, demonstrating the vital roles of sediment production by the calcifying algae, and sediment stabilisation by the seagrass. 

Growing calcifying algae under future conditions allows us to predict the response of these important sediment producers to climate change.

This work is part of the SCENES project (Stability of Caribbean coastal ecosystems under future extreme sea level changes). With partners in TUDelft and Utrecht University, we will combine this work with hydrodynamic modelling to predict the future of Caribbean bays. 


Past research

MSc: Carbon-use of temperate seaweed communities, and their response to ocean acidification - University of Otago, New Zealand

James RK, Hepburn CD, Cornwall CE, McGraw CM and Hurd CL (2014). Growth response of an early successional assemblage of coralline algae and benthic diatoms to ocean acidification. Marine Biology 161:1687-1696

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