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  • Ecosystem restoration and conservation
  • Salt and freshwater wetlands
  • Wetlands dominated by ecosystem engineers
  • Wetland biogeochemistry
  • Temporarily facilitation via mimicry

Dr. Ralph Temmink


Research interests

I am interested in a wide range of ecosystems that are wet and dominated by ecosystem engineers, such as salt marshes, intertidal osyter and mussel reeffs, and peatlands. My research focusses on the restoration of degraded ecosystems and the creation of novel ones. Specifically, I focus on the interplay between organisms and their physical and chemical environment. In 2020, I finished my PhD-thesis entitled "The Restoration of Wetlands Dominated by Habitat Modifiers".

Since the 1st of March 2021, I joined COS at the NIOZ for 4 days/week combined with a 1-day position at the Radboud University. At the NIOZ, my work focusses on the restoration of degraded coastal ecosystems that are typically dominated by ecosystem engineers using novel approaches (e.g. generating faciliation with temporarily biodegredable structures to enhance restoration success).







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NIOZ publications

  • 2021
    Temmink, R.J.M.; Angelini, C.; Fivash, G.S.; Swart, L.; Nouta, R.; Teunis, M.; Lengkeek, W.; Didderen, K.; Lamers, L.P.M.; Bouma, T.J.; van der Heide, T. (2021). Life cycle informed restoration: Engineering settlement substrate material characteristics and structural complexity for reef formation. J. Appl. Ecol. Early view.
    Temmink, R.J.M.; Cruijsen, P.M.J.M.; Smolders, A.J.P.; Bouma, T.J.; Fivash, G.S.; Lengkeek, W.; Didderen, K.; Lamers, L.P.M.; van der Heide, T. (2021). Overcoming establishment thresholds for peat mosses in human‐made bog pools. Ecol. Appl. 31(6): e02359.
    Temmink, R.J.M.; Dorenbosch, M.; Lamers, L.P.M.; Smolders, A.J.P.; Rip, W.; Lengkeek, W.; Didderen, K.; Fivash, G.S.; Bouma, T.J.; van der Heide, T. (2021). Growth forms and life-history strategies predict the occurrence of aquatic macrophytes in relation to environmental factors in a shallow peat lake complex. Hydrobiologia 848(17): 3987-3999.
    Temmink, R.J.M.; van den Akker, M.; Robroek, B.J.M.; Cruijsen, P.M.J.M.; Veraart, A.J.; Kosten, S.; Peters, R.C.J.H.; Verheggen-Kleinheerenbrink, G.M.; Roelofs, A.W.; van Eek, X.; Bakker, E.S.; Lamers, L.P.M. (2021). Nature development in degraded landscapes: How pioneer bioturbators and water level control soil subsidence, nutrient chemistry and greenhouse gas emission. Pedobiologia 87-88: 150745.