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  • Ecosystem sustainability
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Misha Zhemchuzhnikov

PhD student

Research interests

My name is Misha Zhemchuzhnikov and I am a PhD student in the Department of Coastal Systems. My previous research background is generally from insect science. I have been working in  IEPHB Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry (Saint Petersburg, Russia), where I studied the influence of aging on sexual and aggressive behaviour of crickets, and in Norwegian  NTNU University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), where I investigated auditory system of moths, which is used by them for avoiding predators.

Here at NIOZ I will be participating in investigation of red knots in the Arctic region. My project is dedicated to the changes in arthropod abundance and diversity in warming Arctic tundra and its potential influence on red knot chicks development. Together with Jan van Gils, who is my supervisor, Thomas Lameris, Job ten Horn and our Russian colleagues we are going to spent leastwise three wonderful summers in Taymyr Peninsula. This is pleasure for me to become a member of COS team!








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Monday 13 August 2018
Opwarming Russische toendra treft kanoetenkuiken
Kanoeten, of kanoetstrandlopers, zijn Arctische trekvogels, net als brandganzen en drieteenstrandlopers. Ze trekken vanuit hun zomerbroedgebied in het Noordpoolgebied via de Waddenzee naar hun overwinteringsgebied in de West-Afrikaanse tropen.…

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Monday 23 September 2019
KNOTS | NIOZ Expedition to Siberia
The second expedition to northern Siberia to study Arctic-warming effects on red knots took place in the summer of 2019. Jan van Gils wrote a photo-blog about the experiences of the Dutch-Russian team on this NWO-NPP funded project.

NIOZ publications

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