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Guest researcher
Universiteit Utrecht
Stefan Schouten

Laura Schreuder

Guest researcher


  • Organic geochemistry
  • Lipid biomarker development
  • Analytical method development with UHPLC-ESI/HRMS(-MS)
  • Paleoclimate reconstruction

Current project

Tracing ancient biomass burning using molecular biomarkers in marine and lake sediments.

In this project I work on developing levoglucosan, one of the most dominant compounds formed during biomass burning, as a tracer for past burning events in marine and lake sediment records.



2016 R/V James Cook (cruise JC-134). Part of project Dusttraffic: Transatlantic fluxes of Saharan dust



2009 - 2012 BSc Earth Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 - 2014 MSc Applied Environmental Geosciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Schreuder, L.T., Beets, C.J., Prins, M.A., Hatte, C., Peterse, F., 2016. Late Pleistocene climate evolution in Southeastern Europe recorded by soil bacterial membrane lipids in Serbian loess. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 449, 141-148.


On top of the bridge of R/V James Cook crossing the North Atlantic collecting dust samples

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Thursday 23 May 2019
Sugar molecule contributes to reconstruction of prehistoric fire
Little is currently known about how early humans first used fire. That will now change thanks to a new proxy, a measurable substance that can be used to demonstrate forest fires in a distant past. The proxy is the organic substance levoglucosan, a…
Monday 28 May 2018
Biokunstenaars winnen Bio Art & Design Award 2018 met NIOZ onderzoek
De biokunstenaars Amanda Baum en Rose Leahy (duo) zijn op vrijdag 25 mei uitgeroepen tot de winnaars van de Bio Art & Design Award 2018 (BAD Award). In samenwerking met NIOZ onderzoekers Stefan Schouten, Gabriella Weiss, Laura Schreuder en Julie…

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Monday 12 March 2018
Fire biomarker in Saharan dust traced across the Atlantic Ocean
In their new paper that was published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta today, Laura Schreuder and colleagues apply a new proxy for burnt vegetation; the anhydrosugar levoglucosan, and demonstrate how this sugar can be found in present-day Saharan…
Sunday 26 November 2017
Biomarkers in Saharan dust
A new paper by Laura Schreuder and colleagues presents new data on terrestrial higher-plant biomarkers found in aerosols and marine sediments sampled along the DUSTTRAFFIC transatlantic array of sediment traps as well as in seafloor sediments.

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