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Ocean Systems (OCS)
PhD student
Universiteit Utrecht
Gert-Jan Reichart
  • Marine geochemistry

Kristin Ungerhofer

PhD student


February 2020 | Research cruise to the Gulf of Mexico aboard the RV Pelagia

January - March 2019 | Research cruise to the Namibian continental shelf and slope aboard the RV Pelagia

August 2018 | Research cruise to the Black Sea aboard the RV Pelagia

May - June 2018 | Research cruise along the USA/Mexico West Coast aboard the RV Oceanus

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EGU 2020, Vienna
NAC 2020, Utrecht
Goldschmidt 2019, Barcelona

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Tuesday 04 February 2020
NIOZ@SEA | GoM2020 expedition in the northern Gulf of Mexico
The mighty Mississippi river and its Atchafalaya branch bring in vast amounts of sediment material and dissolved nutrients into the northern Gulf of Mexico. By doing so, these rivers have an enormous impact on the chemistry and biology in the water…
Tuesday 26 February 2019
NIOZ@SEA | 64PE450
Along the southwestern African continental margin off Namibia and Angola coral mound provinces were found during the Meteor (ANNA) cruise in 2016. While the corals in the south along the Namibian margin were mostly fossil frame structures, the corals…
Tuesday 26 February 2019
NIOZ@SEA | FUNAMOX expedition in the southeast Atlantic
Off the coast of southwest Africa, currents force cold deep waters full of essential elements required for ocean life to the surface. This so-called upwelling has enormous impacts on the chemistry and biology of the water and sediment. We are sailing…