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Herman Hummel - NIOZ North Sea program coordinator.

I am senior scientist and project manager in the EDS group of NIOZ, and professor in Estuarine Ecophysiology at the University of Gdansk, Poland.

My main aim is to understand the relation between fluctuations in environmental factors and the genetics, physiology and ecology (diversity, growth, condition) of estuarine benthic animals. Moreover I have focused on sustained observations and marine biodiversity, involving taxonomic and ecological analyses of the benthic communities in coastal seas and estuaries.

I have been (co-)leading several major international projects and concerted actions in the field of marine biodiversity, such as the Network of Excellence MARBEF “Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning” with 95 participating European institutes,the EC Concerted Action BIOMARE on “Implementation and networking of large-scale long-term MARine BIOdiversity research in Europe” with the participation of 24 European institutes, and the EC project BIOCOMBE on “The impact of BIOdiversity changes in COastal Marine Benthic Ecosystems”.

At this moment I am Chair and General Coordinator of the COST Action EMBOS on a European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System, with the participation of more than 20 European countries.

Also I am the WorkPackage leader on “Requirements of future Protected Areas” in the EC Horizon2020 project EcoPotential on “Improving future ecosystem benefits through earth observations”.

In connection to these major projects, I was President of the European Marine Research Institutes and Stations (MARS) Network, a network uniting more than 50 marine stations in Europe with the aim to promote marine research in Europe, and I have been  also President of the European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS) series.

My publications amount more than 240 papers of which over 115 in refereed international scientific journals and books. I was involved in more than 100 multi-annual contracts with national governmental and international organizations and consultancies, chaired or (co-)organised more than 90 networks, symposia and workshops, attended more than 300 symposia, workshops and overseas seminars (of which more than 50 on invitation), and obtained more than 80 grants from national and international organisations (a.o. the Council of Europe, UNESCO, NUFFIC, NERC, EC (FAR, INTAS, 5th, 6th, 7th FP, Horizon2020)).