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Friday 14 October 2022
Salt marshes tend to cover larger areas
Greg Fivash defends his PhD research on salt marshes in Zeeland. His study into landscape changes in the intertidal flats was initially forced by climate change. “We wished to know if intertidal nature could provide ‘nature based’ solutions for flood…
Monday 09 May 2022
Variation provides opportunities for organisms in search for a place to live
Summers are getting hotter on average, showers are becoming more intense, and sea levels are rising ever so slightly. “But it's not just the changing averages that determine whether an organism can settle somewhere or not. It's often all about the…
Monday 20 July 2020
Improving coastal restoration by temporarily imitating nature
Coastal ecosystems are in rapid decline around the world. Restoring them is very expensive and is often unsuccessful. But an international team of researchers discovered a way of increasing restoration success of salt marshes and seagrass meadows,…