Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Prof. Dr. Geert-Jan Brummer

Senior Scientist
Phone number
+31 (0)222 369 442
Ocean Systems (OCS)
Senior Scientist


  • Particle fluxes in the oceans
  • Planktonic foraminifera
  • Sedimentation and sediment formation
  • Climate change

Research interests & personal motivation

As a scientist at Royal NIOZ and extra-ordinary Professor at the VU-Amsterdam, I pursue how sediments are formed under recent and past conditions of ocean-climate change. Topics range from seasonal particle production by biomineralising ocean plankton, to Sharan dust deposition, current transport of bottom sediment and coral carbonate geochemistry in response to changing ocean-climate. Through collaborative projects in ocean-going research , mainly in the Atlantic and western Indian Ocean I am addressing research questions pertaining to:

•        Sediment genesis: the pathways of production, transformation and accumulation fluxes of sedimentary matter, notably biogenic carbonates, silica and organic compounds.

•        Ocean-climate change: anthropogenic and natural variability of biogeochemical cycling and thermohaline circulation; high-resolution paleoceanography.

•        Planktonic foraminifera: biodiversity and population dynamics, seasonality and intermittency of export fluxes, isotope and chemical composition, dissolution and sediment mixing; proxy validation, evolutionary paleoceanography.

•        Physical forcing mechanisms: effects of stratification and mixing, eddy transports, thermo-haline circulation, re-suspension and sediment focussing.

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Friday 20 October 2017
Saharan dust and Amazon freshwaters cause algal blooms
New findings suggest that both Saharan dust and freshwater from the Amazon may have led to algal blooms in the western equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Those are the conclusions of a new paper published by Catarina Guerreiro and colleagues in the…
Tuesday 17 October 2017
Dust (and smoke) is in the air!
Cyclone Ophelia draws Sahara dust and Iberian smoke to northern Europe
Sunday 10 September 2017
New dust paper published by Carmen Friese
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Saturday 09 September 2017
Expedition M140
Research Expedition M140 onboard FS Meteor took place from 10 August until 5 September 2017 and was dedicated to servicing three sediment-trap mooring stations and surface buoys that have been collecting Saharan dust since we deployed them last year…
Wednesday 14 June 2017
New dust paper by Catarina Guerreiro accepted in Biogeosciences
New dust paper by Catarina Guerreiro accepted for Biogeosciences Discussions
Tuesday 13 June 2017
Saharan dust outbreak
A huge dust outbreak occurred off NW Africa, which was registered by our buoys!
Tuesday 30 May 2017
New dust paper published by Laura Korte
Laura Korte published her very first paper in the open-access journal Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics

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