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Daan van Loon

Information Specialist

Probably the first celticist to ever work at NIOZ, Daan van Loon brings a mixed background to the general support department. Trained as a historical linguist, with knowledge about over 25 different (ancient) languages, he has spent the last decade working in education, research and (most recently) research support. His years at Utrecht University working at the university library has enabled him to gather a wealth of knowledge on Open Science, information literacy, communicating with the general public and academia in general.

Daan started working for NIOZ in 2020 as an information specialist at the NIOZ library. From April 2021 onwards he has also been made part of the Communication department. His background in educational content creation and almost unnerving enthusiasm for explaining things means that you will probably encounter him in some capacity sooner or later if you work at NIOZ.

Apart from his work at NIOZ, Daan is also still active as a lecturer/researcher of the Celtic languages and has recently taught Old Irish at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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