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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Jaap van der Meer

Christiaan Hummel

Guest researcher

I am a PhD student working in the framework of the EcoPotential project. 

The aim of my PhD study is to deliver a range of practical tools to describe the environmental quality statu of Protected Areas, in conjunction with (changes in) ecosystem functions and ecosystem services. This will be done through the development and application of a combination of environmental as well as socio-economic descriptors, in order to obtain insight in the requirements of current and future novel PA, with a focus on the Dutch coastal zone.

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NIOZ publications

  • 2019
    Hummel, C.; Poursanidis, D.; Orenstein, D.; Elliott, M.; Adamescu, M.C.; Cazacu, C.; Ziv, G.; Chrysoulakis, N.; Van der Meer, J.; Hummel, H. (2019). Protected Area management: Fusion and confusion with the ecosystem services approach. Sci. Total Environ. 651(Part 2): 2432-2443.
  • 2017
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  • 2016
    Hummel, H.; Hummel, C. (2016). Scenario for the organisation of conferences and symposia. 4th edition. NIOZ-rapport, 2016(1). NIOZ: Den Burg. 36 pp.
  • 2014
    Hummel, C. (2014). Scenario for the organization of conferences and symposia. Monitor Taskforce Publication Series, 2014-03. NIOZ: Yerseke.
  • 2011
    Hummel, C.; Honkoop, P.; van der Meer, J. (2011). Small is profitable: No support for the optimal foraging theory in sea stars Asterias Rubens foraging on the blue edible mussel Mytilus edulis. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 94(1): 89-92.