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Tjeerd Bouma

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Monday 02 October 2023
Sustainable protection of rapidly subsiding coastlines with mangroves
Along the Asian coastlines there are many areas where rural communities experience alarming rates of sea level rises due to land subsidence up to 10 cm per year. This causes tremendous challenges on how to live there and protect these coasts. A…
Tuesday 04 July 2023
Insights on mangrove restoration for coastal protection
Along the northern coast of Java, Indonesia, relative sea level rises at an alarming rate due to land subsidence. This has tremendous effects on people and mangrove forests along the coast. Over the past four years Celine van Bijsterveldt, biologist…
Monday 07 December 2020
Java’s protective mangroves smothered by plastic waste
The mangrove forests on Java’s north coast are slowly suffocating in plastic waste. The plastic problem in northeast Asia is huge and a growing threat to the region’s mangroves; a natural ally against coastal erosion. Based on fieldwork published in…

NIOZ publications

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  • 2022
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