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PhD student
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Johan van de Koppel

Anna van der Kaaden

PhD student


  • Theoretical ecology
  • Modelling/programming
  • Sustainability
  • Spatial ecology: self-organisation
  • Community ecology: species interactions

My work is mostly theoretical and includes modelling. By using theoretical approaches, I hope to get a better understanding of how large, complex systems function. With theory, complex issues can become simple, comprehensible, concepts. 

Patterns exist everywhere in nature. I'm interested in exploring ways of analyzing these natural patterns. How do they emerge and what can they tell us about our environment or the interactions that exist between organisms? Specifically, my PhD-project is about reef formation in the deep sea. I work on how reefs are shaped by organisms and the environment and how these structures affect the environment. Besides that I'm interested in looking into how the interactions between corals and sponges affect their growth patterns.

You can watch a nice video about cold-water corals here.

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