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PhD student
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Johan van de Koppel
  • Theoretical ecology
  • Modelling/programming
  • Sustainability
  • Spatial ecology: self-organisation
  • Community ecology: species interactions

Anna van der Kaaden

PhD student

With theory, complex issues can become simple, comprehensible, concepts. By combining theoretical approaches with knowledge from the field, I hope to get a better understanding of how large, complex systems function.

In my PhD project I study the interaction between cold-water coral reefs and hydrodynamics. How does this interaction shape the reefs and how does it affect reef resilience? Previously I've worked with theoretical approaches on the emergence of spatial patterns in nature due to interactions between organisms and their environment and on how interactions between species affect community functioning, biodiversity, and spatial patterns.

I draw my inspiration from the natural world and I believe it is important, as a theoretical scientist, to constantly refer back to this natural world, in order to do useful research. I thorougly enjoy the close collaborations with field scientists and I hope to keep learning more about our world.

You can watch my video about cold-water corals here.

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NIOZ publications

  • 2022
    de Froe, E.; Maier, S.R.; Horn, H.G.; Wolff, G.A.; Blackbird, S.; Mohn, C.; Schultz, M.; van der Kaaden, A.-S.; Cheng, C.; Wubben, E.; van Haastregt, B.; Møller, E.F.; Lavaleye, M.; Soetaert, K.; Reichart, G.-J.; van Oevelen, D. (2022). Hydrography and food distribution during a tidal cycle above a cold-water coral mound. Deep-Sea Res., Part 1, Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 189: 103854.
  • 2021
    De Clippele, L.H.; van der Kaaden, A.-S.; Maier, S.R.; de Froe, E.; Roberts, J.M. (2021). Biomass mapping for an improved understanding of the contribution of cold-water coral carbonate mounds to C and N cycling. Front. Mar. Sci. 8: 721062.
    Maier, S.R.; Mienis, F.; de Froe, E.; Soetaert, K.; Lavaleye, M.; Duineveld, G.C.A.; Beauchard, O.; van der Kaaden, A.-S.; Koch, B.P.; van Oevelen, D. (2021). Reef communities associated with ‘dead’ cold-water coral framework drive resource retention and recycling in the deep sea. Deep-Sea Res., Part 1, Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 175: 103574.
    van der Kaaden, A.-S.; Mohn, C.; Gerkema, T.; Maier, S.R.; de Froe, E.; van de Koppel, J.; Rietkerk, M.; Soetaert, K.; van Oevelen, D. (2021). Feedbacks between hydrodynamics and cold-water coral mound development. Deep-Sea Res., Part 1, Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 178: 103641.
  • 2020
    van der Kaaden, A.-S.; van Oevelen, D.; Rietkerk, M.; Soetaert, K.; van de Koppel, J. (2020). Spatial self-organization as a new perspective on cold-water coral mound development. Front. Mar. Sci. 7: article 631.