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Friday 29 January 2021
Cold-water coral reefs: Oases in a world without sun
The deep sea, a vast area beneath 200 meters of water depth. Hidden from the eye, its seafloor harbours one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet. For food, most life here relies on organic material that is produced at the ocean surface.…
Tuesday 26 January 2021
Think tank for a new vessel
An interview with Henk van der Veer and Bram Fey about the long design process for research vessel RV Wim Wolff in which both were closely involved. Henk is former head of the NIOZ Department for Coastal Systems and a member of the Taskforce Fleet…
Tuesday 26 January 2021
Wim Wolff was the leading light in Wadden Sea research and management
The successor of the Wadden-Delta research vessel RV Navicula is named after Wadden ecologist Wim Wolff (1940-2018). Wolff’s scientific career started in 1965 at the Delta Institute in Zeeland. After that, from 1975 onwards he headed the Department…
Tuesday 26 January 2021
Green light for construction of the research vessel Wim Wolff
The NWO-I Foundation Board has approved the tendering for the research vessel RV Wim Wolff. This vessel will replace the RV Navicula, which has completed 40 years of reliable service on the Wadden Sea and in the Zeeland delta. It is the first new…
Monday 25 January 2021
Coastal defence between double dykes. A safe, natural and cheaper solution
Allowing low and high tide to return to a so-called ‘transitional polder' between two dikes will make coastal defence much more sustainable, natural and affordable. This is what Jim van Belzen, Gerlof Rienstra and Tjeerd Bouma write in a report…
Friday 22 January 2021
Understanding sediment biochemistry to better asses human impact on North Sea ecology
The North Sea is subject to rapid human development. NIOZ scientist Emil de Borger has focused his research on characterizing the shelf sea’s sediment biogeochemistry to develop models that improve the impact assessment of these human activities. On…
Thursday 21 January 2021
Sustainable coastal protection through a combination of salt marshes and dykes
According to University of Twente PhD candidate Pim Willemsen, natural salt marshes can help to improve the strength and sustainability of traditional coastal defences. These ecosystems will expand as sea levels rise and dampen both small and large…
Thursday 07 January 2021
€ 3,5 million awarded for Dutch Caribbean coral reef research
We know that coral reefs worldwide are in decline; remarkably little is known about how exactly this happens. That is why a major multidisciplinary research project will start in the coming years within the NWO's Caribbean Research programme under…
Wednesday 16 December 2020
‘PaleoNiMUR' project receives NWO Science-KLEIN Open Competition award
NIOZ scientist Darci Rush receives one of the 16 Open Competition Science-KLEIN grants awarded by NWO. Her research ‘PaleoNiMUR: Paleo-perspectives on the nitrogen cycle in marine upwelling regions’ will help predict how the nitrogen cycle will react…
Monday 14 December 2020
Dust research receives NWO Open Competition – XS grant
The Board of NWO Domain Science has awarded the project 'Fertile when wet – wet-deposition of Saharan dust as a means to combat climate change?' by NIOZ researcher Jan-Berend Stuut in the NWO Open Competition Domain Science - XS. The XS category…