Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


Wednesday 08 November 2023
How do plants outside the dikes keep up with sea level rise? They build a growing creek landscape
Salt marshes are hugely important natural areas on the seaward side of our dikes. They are home to plants and animals, they store a lot of CO2 and they protect the coast against the force of the waves. However, these salt marshes face threats from…
Monday 06 November 2023
David Thieltges receives the 29th Petersen Excellence Professorship
With his work in the field of marine parasite ecology, NIOZ researcher David Thieltges provides important insights into the functioning of marine ecosystems and ocean health. In honour of his contributions, the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation…
Thursday 02 November 2023
Delta Climate Center in Vlissingen is taking shape
More than 500 million people worldwide live in deltas like Zeeland. The livability of these delta areas is under pressure, partly due to climate change, rising sea levels and loss of biodiversity. The question of how we can make deltas safe and…
Thursday 26 October 2023
Laura Villanueva appointed first professor in Marine Microbiology in Utrecht
‘T HORNTJE, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2023 – NIOZ microbiologist Laura Villanueva was appointed as professor of Marine Microbiology today at Utrecht University. That makes her the very first professor with this chair in this university. “I very much look forward…
Monday 23 October 2023
Light, fresh water sticks to Greenland's east coast
Meltwater that runs along the east coast of Greenland, hardly enters the open ocean before reaching the western side of the island. That is one of the conclusions NIOZ PhD-candidate Elodie Duyck draws in the thesis she is defending at Utrecht…
Wednesday 18 October 2023
A Recap of UU-NIOZ Early Career Scientist Symposium 2023: Connecting by the Sea
On Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 October, Zandvoort’s seaside was not only the backdrop of its typical Max Verstappen idolatry, but also of the UU-NIOZ Early Career Scientist Symposium (UNECSS). This event offers ocean scientists from both institutes an…
Thursday 12 October 2023
Deep sea research shows self-organising tiger patterns in cold water coral reefs
For the first time, proof has surfaced that even cold water coral reefs that live in the cold and dark deep sea, grow in self-organised patterns. Such pattern formation is a ’trick’ that enhances the resilience of ecosystems under changing…
Wednesday 11 October 2023
Building Coastal Resilience in Europe
EMB has launched a new publication at the EurOCEAN2023 conference: Position Paper No. 27 ‘Building Coastal Resilience in Europe’ (NIOZ's Tjeerd Bouma is one of the contributing authors)
Monday 09 October 2023
The changing climate creates more noise in the oceans
Due to the changing climate, the underwater world is getting ever noisier. That is the main conclusion of a study that was published today in the scientific journal PeerJ. "In some places, by the end of this century, the sound of ships, for example,…
Monday 02 October 2023
Sustainable protection of rapidly subsiding coastlines with mangroves
Along the Asian coastlines there are many areas where rural communities experience alarming rates of sea level rises due to land subsidence up to 10 cm per year. This causes tremendous challenges on how to live there and protect these coasts. A…