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Friday 22 January 2021
Understanding sediment biochemistry to better asses human impact on North Sea ecology
The North Sea is subject to rapid human development. NIOZ scientist Emil de Borger has focused his research on characterizing the shelf sea’s sediment biogeochemistry to develop models that improve the impact assessment of these human activities. On…
Thursday 21 January 2021
Sustainable coastal protection through a combination of salt marshes and dykes
According to University of Twente PhD candidate Pim Willemsen, natural salt marshes can help to improve the strength and sustainability of traditional coastal defences. These ecosystems will expand as sea levels rise and dampen both small and large…
Thursday 07 January 2021
€ 3,5 million awarded for Dutch Caribbean coral reef research
We know that coral reefs worldwide are in decline; remarkably little is known about how exactly this happens. That is why a major multidisciplinary research project will start in the coming years within the NWO's Caribbean Research programme under…
Wednesday 16 December 2020
‘PaleoNiMUR' project receives NWO Science-KLEIN Open Competition award
NIOZ scientist Darci Rush receives one of the 16 Open Competition Science-KLEIN grants awarded by NWO. Her research ‘PaleoNiMUR: Paleo-perspectives on the nitrogen cycle in marine upwelling regions’ will help predict how the nitrogen cycle will react…
Monday 14 December 2020
Dust research receives NWO Open Competition – XS grant
The Board of NWO Domain Science has awarded the project 'Fertile when wet – wet-deposition of Saharan dust as a means to combat climate change?' by NIOZ researcher Jan-Berend Stuut in the NWO Open Competition Domain Science - XS. The XS category…
Monday 07 December 2020
Java’s protective mangroves smothered by plastic waste
The mangrove forests on Java’s north coast are slowly suffocating in plastic waste. The plastic problem in northeast Asia is huge and a growing threat to the region’s mangroves; a natural ally against coastal erosion. Based on fieldwork published in…
Friday 04 December 2020
Virus activity essential for understanding polar phytoplankton dynamics and future change
Polar oceans play a key role in climate regulation by providing an important sink for atmospheric CO2. At the same time, these areas are especially sensitive to global warming. Further warming of the ocean surface and an increase in the input of…
Wednesday 02 December 2020
Theunis Piersma receives NWO Stairway to Impact Award
The Stairway to Impact Award has been won by three researchers who have taken innovative steps in increasing impact. Besides Professor Theunis Piersma (RUG/NIOZ) these are Dr. Katerina Stanková (MU) and Dr. Chris Slootweg (UvA). Each researcher will…
Monday 30 November 2020
Utrecht University and NIOZ join forces in thirteen research projects on (coastal) seas and oceans
Thirteen pairs of scientists from Utrecht University and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have been awarded grants to conduct joint research into the functioning of (coastal) seas and oceans. The project funding will enable them to…
Wednesday 25 November 2020
Living Dikes project receives NWA-ORC funding
The 'LIVING DIKES – Realising Resilient and Climate‐Proof Coastal Protection' project will receive funding in the second round of the Dutch Research Agenda Programme: Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). In total, more than €93 million has…