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Tuesday 07 December 2021
High tech underwater gliders provide scientists with latest ocean and climate change information
For the community of marine researchers in the Netherlands, the Royal NIOZ, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, is obtaining three new gliders, which enable very detailed ocean water research for longer periods of time. Professor in Marine…
Wednesday 01 December 2021
Dolphins perform special spin dive when hunting deep prey
Risso’s dolphins have been observed to perform a rapid sprint coupled with a spin when starting a dive, even though this highly energetic movement costs considerably more energy than normal, much slower dives. A team of researchers has discovered…
Wednesday 01 December 2021
AI helps speed up ecological surveys
Scientists at NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research), EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) and Wageningen University & Research have developed a new deep-learning model for counting the number of seals in aerial photos…
Thursday 18 November 2021
'Mapping of ocean mixing' project receives Open Competition Domain Science-M award
NIOZ oceanographer Sjoerd Groeskamp has received a NWO Open Competition Domain Science-M programme award for his 'Measuring the immeasurable: mapping of ocean mixing' project. The NWO Domain Board Science has approved sixteen grant applications today…
Tuesday 16 November 2021
Machine learning helps to locally restore wetlands for coastal protection
By using large experimental data sets to feed a machine learning model, we can enable wetland establishment for flood defense by managing the local conditions, thereby overruling uncontrollable global change stressors. This is revealed by an…
Thursday 11 November 2021
Oceans of Energy will build 1 MW offshore solar off the coast of Scheveningen
Scheveningen, The Netherlands; November 11, 2021 - Today Oceans of Energy and partners & observers announce the upscaling of the world's first offshore solar farm system 20 times and expand it to 1 MW (MegaWatt). In the coming years, the company…
Wednesday 10 November 2021
Start of construction of national research vessel for Wadden and Delta: RV Wim Wolff
On 9 November 2021, the festive keel laying of the new national Wadden and Delta research vessel, RV Wim Wolff, took place at N. Dijkstra Metaalbewerking in Harlingen. The aluminium hull is built here by order of Thecla Bodewes Shipyards, the main…
Tuesday 09 November 2021
Important role for cold-water coral and sponge reefs in the deep sea
With the deep sea being more and more impacted by anthropogenic pressures, it is crucial that we begin to understand why these reefs grow where they grow and what the role of these biological hotspots is in the sustenance of the deep-sea ecosystem.…
Wednesday 03 November 2021
With Virtual Reality you can experience a drowned Zeeland village yourself
NIOZ presents a VR experience that allows you to visit a medieval Zeeland village, which is now partly buried under the mud flats. From 6 November onwards, the VR experience can be viewed in the Oosterschelde Museum in Yerseke and online.
Tuesday 26 October 2021
Detailed insights into the growth and erosion of tidal marsh
PhD researcher Haobing Cao is studying the natural coastal defenders of the future: tidal marshes. This Wednesday 27 October, he will defend his dissertation on the dynamics of marsh plants in a changing climate. “It is important to know what factors…