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Sunday 04 April 2021
NIOZ research on deep sea ecosystems and human impacts
The ecosystems of the deep sea are unique and very vulnerable. At the NIOZ, we have been investigating these ecosystems and man-made impacts on the functioning of these ecosystems for decades.
Thursday 01 April 2021
Whales dive deep for profitable prey
'Reconstruction of deep-sea squid communities reveals profitable hunting zones for extreme-diving whales.' An international research team has investigated why dolphins and whales perform record-breaking dives to several kilometres deep. For the…
Friday 26 March 2021
Making realistic waves in low-cost mesocosms
A seawater flume mesocosm was developed and built at the NIOZ and transported to Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden. Tjeerd Bouma: "Great example of fruitful collaboration between excellent NIOZ-technicians and scientists…
Thursday 25 March 2021
Arctic sponge survival in the extreme deep sea
For the first time, researchers from the SponGES project collected year-round video footage and hydrodynamic data from the mysterious world of a deep-sea sponge ground in the Arctic. Deep sea sponge grounds are often compared to the rich ecosystems…
Monday 22 March 2021
Ten commandments for sandy coasts
“Ten Commandments” for the sustainability of sandy coasts in face of climate change and socio-economic development. In their paper, published in 'Frontiers in Marine Science', an international group of scientists offers a new vision and summarize…
Wednesday 17 March 2021
Blueprints for future coastal protection shaped in geological past
The colonization of mudflats and marshes along the Dutch coast by algae and plants, reveals how developing lifeforms changed landscapes on Earth 500 million years ago. Research on these changing landscapes by scientist Roeland van de Vijsel (NIOZ and…
Tuesday 16 March 2021
Up-close and from space: monitoring stress in salt marshes
Salt marshes are not only important habitats for plants and animals, they also offer protection against flooding by damping the waves. Safeguarding these services provided by the marshes starts with monitoring. Possible shifts in this diverse…
Thursday 11 March 2021
BiodiversityXL Live: join the conversation on biodiversity research
BiodiversityXL Live wants to be THE meeting place for all scientists and students in the field of biodiversity. Therefore, starting March 18, we will have a 30-minute discussion with scientists every 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 pm CET. Topics: the…
Thursday 04 March 2021
Unravelling the impact of invasive species on the Balgzand food web
Over the past decades, benthic communities that inhabit an enormous mudflat system in the western Wadden Sea, known as Balgzand, have felt the impact of multiple drivers including invasive species. Recent research by Sarina Jung (NIOZ and Utrecht…
Tuesday 02 March 2021
Sustainable RV Adriaen Coenen will replace RV Stern
The NWO-I Foundation Board has approved the NIOZ investment for the construction of the second new ship in the national research fleet. The seriously outdated Wadden Sea research and support vessel RV Stern was in urgent need of replacement. Next…