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Institute for Sea Research

Location facilities

NIOZ science departments manage a number of location-based research facilities on Texel and in Yerseke. These include climate laboratories and a molecular biology laboratory.

NIOZ location facilities include:

In Yerseke:

  • Flume facilities for currents and waves, including a large laminar flume, annular flumes, and wave mesocosms; (prof. dr. Tjeerd Bouma)
  • Analytic laboratory for chemical analyses, climate rooms and greenhouse;
  • Hydrodynamic and sedimentary measurement equipment, eddy-correlation systems, sediment profiling facilities, sediment loggers;
  • Remote sensing facilities, including drones, a laserscanner, in situ spectroradiometry.
  • Extensive computing facilities, including GPU and Cluster computing, R-platform for scientific computing.
  • Underwater laboratories. Read more.

More information about all our facilities in Yerseke: Prof. dr. Klaas Timmermans (head EDS)

On Texel: