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National Marine Facilities

Providing marine research facilities for the Dutch scientific community

An important aspect of the work of NIOZ is to offer facilities for the Dutch scientific community. National Marine Facilities (NMF) maintains and manages our fleet of research vessels and pool of equipment, while the NIOZ library helps to make our research globally available.

National Marine Facilities

National Marine Facilities (NMF) maintains a range of facilities and services, including research vessels and equipment, for the seagoing marine science and maritime community in the Netherlands.

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Location facilities

NIOZ science departments maintain a range of location-based research facilities on Texel and in Yerseke. These include climate laboratories and a molecular biology laboratory.

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NIOZ library

The NIOZ library provides access to scholarly information and works together with scientists to create and manage research information. We make NIOZ research globally available and preserve it for the future.

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