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  • Plant ecology
  • Biogeomorphology
  • Movement ecology
  • Biogeochemistry

MSc. Valerie Reijers


I am a coastal ecologist interested in biophysical interactions that steer the formation and dynamics of coastal landscapes. In my work I combine theories from complex system (e.g. movement patterns, alternative stable states and self-organization) with empirical data on plant physiology, community composition, soil biogeochemistry and sediment dynamics. While my research focuses mostly on unravelling the fundamental working of biogeomorphic ecosystems, I simultaneously work on translating these findings to applications to enhance coastal conservation and ecosystem restoration. 

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Friday 14 June 2019
NIOZ nieuws | Kleine stapjes, grote sprongen – hoe helmgras duinen bouwt
In Europa zijn ze hoog en smal, in Amerika laag en breed: vorm en hoogte van duinen verschillen wereldwijd sterk. Dit komt mede doordat planten duinen bouwen met verschillende ‘bewegingsstrategieën’ waarmee ze de vorm van de duin bepalen, vonden…

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