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Guest researcher
  • Coral reef microbial ecology
  • Ecology of sponges
  • Nutrient dynamics on coral reefs
  • Pelagic-benthic coupling

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Dr. Fleur van Duyl

Guest researcher

Research interests

My current interests focus on:

1. Drivers of variations in bivariate isotopic niche space of sponges on the Saba Bank.
2. Consumption of DOM, removal of pico-and nanoplankton and (in)organic nutrient cycling by benthic communities  (pelagic-benthic coupling) with special focus on sponges. 
3. The functional (symbiotic) relations between microbes and macrobenthic organisms (corals, sponges).
4. Bioerosion by sponges of calciumcarbonate in a changing environment (acidification, eutrophication).
5. Community net accretion-erosion balance of calciumcarbonate on coral reefs.
6. Phosphorous sequestration by sponges and cyanobacterial mats on coral reefs.  

Topics require an interdisciplinary approach involving microbial ecology, autecology of macrobenthos, hydrodynamics, and biogeochemistry.

Fleur van Duyl taking a sample from the outflowing water of the  sponge Callyspongia plicifera on the Saba Bank.

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