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I started my PhD in 2019 as part of in an international project (The Netherlands - China) where we investigate how coastal systems in The Netherlands and in China adapt to a changing climate. In the beginning of my PhD I conducted a monthly sampling campaing for the span of one year in three different sites of the Westerschelde along the salinity gradient. During these campaigns, I took several sediment, water and pigment samples. We needed to gather as much data as possible since we wanted to understand how are the nutrient cycles along the estuary and how they interrelate between the water column and the sediment. My reseach has expanded into understanding the effect that climate change related events, such as heatwaves and storms, have on the sediment biogeochemistry. For this, I have designed two experiments. One where we simulated a heatwave and another where we silumated storms. 

If you would like to know more abou tmy research you can follow me on Twitter as @Dunia_RiosYunes