Research data

Managing and making accessible the research data of NIOZ projects

Unrestricted access to data helps advance science. An important part of our research is to manage, share and make accessible the research data of NIOZ projects. We maintain and contribute to a number of online data portals.

NIOZ offers research data in a number of data portals. We also contribute to numerous national and international data portals. We take an active part in organisations for data management, including the National Oceanographic Data Committee of the Netherlands (NODC), the European SeaDataNet and European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODNet), and the global Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCADM).

NIOZ data portals – developed by NIOZ

  • CODIS GCO – Moorings & Landers
  • CODIS NIOZ – CTD, samples and moorings
  • GCO CoreBase – Repository of sediment cores
  • Colours – Optical Wadden Sea data
  • NIOZ IPT – Biodiversity data from the Mokbaai fyke (Texel)
  • Marsdiep Data – Monitoring at the NIOZ jetty (Texel)

Netherlands data portals – developed/supported by NIOZ

  • NODC – National Oceanographic Data Committee of the Netherlands
  • NPDC – Netherlands Polar Data Center
  • WaLTER – Wadden Sea Long-Term Ecosystem Research
  • ZKO – Netherlands Sea and Coastal Research Data Portal

International data portals – with NIOZ contributions

  • EMODnet Bathymetry – European bathymetric data
  • EMODnet Chemistry – European marine chemical data
  • EMODnet Biology – European marine biodiversity data
  • GBIF – NIOZ dataset in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • OBIS – Ocean Biogeographic Information System
  • ODP – IODE Ocean Data Portal
  • POGO – Database of planned ocean-going cruises
  • SCADM – SCAR Antarctic Data Management
  • SeaDataNet – European Ocean & Marine Data