Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Gliders New Research Fleet

The acquisition of 3 Gliders is being done with a grant from the NWO Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure (NWO-GWI), awarded in 2020 to a broad nationwide marine research consortium of universities, institutes and TO2 institutions. 

After the tender procedure, three Slocum gliders have been purchased from Teledyne Webb Research. The first two weeks of November 2022, a team of scientists, electrical engineers and ship technicians went to SOCIB on Mallorca for combined operational training, maintenance training and sea acceptance tests.  Read there blog here.

The team now is ready for the first glider science project from the RV Pelagia in the North Sea in spring 2023. That will be for the Nose project, to study the absorption of CO2 in the North Sea.

9 November 2020:  "We successfully finished the Sea Acceptance Trials of the new NIOZ/NMF underwater gliders! Thanks a lot Teledyne Marine and SOCIB ! Looking forward to some cool marine science!" Photo: Marck Smit

Video impression of the sea trials on Mallorca, November 2022