Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Why does the fleet need to be replaced?

The vessels of NIOZ-NMF urgently need replacing. The ocean-going ship RV Pelagia and the tidal vessel RV Navicula are well beyond their economic and technical lifespan. Without the fleet, NIOZ loses its right to exist and the Dutch contribution to national and international marine research will be marginalised. Under the condition that the Netherlands participates in the EU Ocean Facilities Exchange Group (OFEG) with at least one own ship, Dutch researchers may also make use of the seagoing facilities of the European partners.

User inventory
In June 2018, the investment plans for replacing both vessels with new ships were submitted to the NWO executive board after broad rounds of national input and having heard the the wishes of all conceivable users. A NWO-NIOZ Taskforce Fleet Replacement prepared the technical tender, including the wish for futureproof "green" technology and exploitation, such as a CO2-neutral emission in 2030.

Sustainable funding
NIOZ-NMF, including fleet replacement, is on the National Roadmap Large-scale Infrastructure (NWO/CGI 2016), but this pathway offers no perspective for long-term sustainable funding, or for one-off investments larger than about €10 million. A sustainable funding of innovative National Marine Research Facilities means about €10 million /year.