Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

What are the Netherlands' interests at sea?

Ecology, Economics, Geopolitics
Many answers to major societal issues that are high on the Dutch, European and global agenda are found from the delta to the deep sea. Whether that concerns opportunities (energy, food, water safety, materials, transport, tourism), or solutions for the problems (pollution, overfishing, climate change). Healthy, productive deltas, seas and oceans are of major ecological, economic and geopolitical importance for the Netherlands and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.­­

Both the scientific marine research and the maritime sector of the Netherlands belong to the international top. This position can only be retained if investments are made in marine scientific knowledge and maritime technological innovation as well as the replacement of the associated seagoing infrastructure.

Excellent seagoing research
The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) is the largest institute of NWO. As the national oceanographic institute it has carried out fundamental and groundbreaking, applied seagoing research for more than 140 years into important scientific and societal issues with respect to the functioning of the oceans and seas. In addition, NIOZ manages and exploits the national research vessels and equipment for the benefit of the Dutch marine and maritime research community: National Marine Facilities (NIOZ-NMF).