Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Societal relevance

NIOZ valorisation projects of innovation-oriented research

An important part of the NIOZ mission is valorisation of our research efforts – what we like to call frontier-applied research. Successful examples include projects around ballast water, seaweed, tidal energy and deep-sea mining.

To create more efficiency and visibility for our frontier-applied research, we are establishing a number of multidisciplinary centers of excellence around topics of societal and industrial interest. In other cases, such innovation-oriented research will lead to commercial (joint) ventures, or ‘spin-out’ companies.

Prime examples of NIOZ valorisation oriented research:

  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • Seaweed Research Center
  • Tidal Energy
  • Deep-Sea Mining

As part of our valorisation strategy, we are actively engaged in building links with (inter)national industry and governmental and public organisations, particularly in the so-called top sectors defined by the Dutch government. An important top sector for us is water, and notably the maritime and delta technology sub sectors. We are also active in the sectors agri/food, energy and technology.

More information

We understand the (deep) sea world and sea operations, and are happy to support the maritime and offshore world. For more information about our frontier-applied research please contact ir. Marck Smit.