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Key area Asian estuaries and coasts

Asia with its robuts coastlines guarantees an enormous intake and storage of CO2

In Asia intensified economic activities and high population densities have gone hand in hand with major degradation and loss of valuable ecosystems.

Vital services 

Nurseries for commercially important species. Biodiversity. Eco-tourism. Seafood. The intake and storage of greenhouse gas CO2. Robust coastlines and flood defense. These are a number of the vital services provided by healthy estuarine and coastal ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass meadows and coral reefs.


Dealing with the threats to estuaries and coastlines, requires a clever mixture of measures to maintain existing ecosystems, mitigate threats and restore lost ecosystems. To succeed, management measures must be based on fundamental understanding of the processes affecting these ecosystems. 

  • What physical and biological mechanisms hamper the establishment and dispersal of the ecosystem?
  • What are the early warning signs of ecosystem loss?
  • What are the indicators of ecosystem resilience?
  • How to identify critical threshold values for state transitions? And how to translate these values into management objectives?
  • What restoration methods help to overcome critical thresholds for ecosystem establishment?


For several decades now, NIOZ has been involved in Asia projects collaborating with partners in China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Most notably on

  • Demographic ecology of coastal-obligated long-distant migratory birds with an emphasis on the role of Yellow Sea coastal ecosystems
  • Restoration of seagrass meadows, salt marsh, intertidal mudflats and mangroves in Asia, for the creating nature based flood defense and other ecosystem services.

News and updates

Thursday 18 July 2019
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Geïnspireerd door het belang van de Europese Waddenzee voor trekvogels, heeft China vorige week onderdelen van haar eigen waddenzee – in de Gele Zee - succesvol genomineerd voor de Unesco Werelderfgoedstatus. Hiermee is de lijst beschermde gebieden…