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National Marine Facilities (NMF) is a division of NIOZ. We provide researchers working in the Netherlands with ships, seagoing equipment, data management and qualified personnel to operate these facilities.

NMF consists of four of sub-divisions:

  • NMF Office-Fleet manages the ships, makes the ship’s planning and organises all aspects of the research cruises.
  • NMF Support is responsible for logistics support, technical support during cruises and for maintenance and repairs of equipment.
  • NMF Development develops and builds specialised equipment for marine research, both seagoing and land-based. We build to order for scientists working at NIOZ as well as for external customers.
  • NMF Data Management is responsible for on-board data acquisition, quality control on data collected on board and for the distribution of data to the scientists and to international data centres such as the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC).

All NMF facilities can be requested via our online Marine Facilities Planning tool

Research vessels

The NMF fleet consists of three ships:

  • RV Pelagia – a 66m ocean-going vessel;
  • RV Navicula – a 23m vessel for Wadden Sea, Delta, and coastal North Sea research;
  • RV Stern – a 12m vessel for single-day research trips on the Wadden Sea.

We also provide marine scientists from the Netherlands with access to a large part of the European research fleet via our partners in the Ocean Facilities Exchange Group (OFEG).

Seagoing equipment

NMF maintains a diverse pool of seagoing equipment for use on both our own and third-party research vessels. Researchers in the Netherlands can use this equipment for a fee. Most of the NMF equipment is serviced in-house, guaranteeing optimum availability.

A few examples of equipment in the NMF pool are:

  • Equipment for sampling in the water column and on the seafloor;
  • Equipment for moorings;
  • Laboratory containers for experimental work on board;
  • Testing facilities for seagoing equipment.

Look here for an overview of NMF equipment

Expedition logistics

NMF manages the logistics of NIOZ scientific expeditions at sea. Careful planning of research expeditions, ship time and equipment ensures we make optimal use of limited and costly resources.

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