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Wadden Dashboard | WaD

Wadden Dashboard (WaD) offers interactive visualisations of long-term monitoring data for relevant indicators to support sustainable management of the Wadden Sea Region.

WaD | Bathymetrie - EMODnet Digital Terrain Model.

About this tool

WaD offers a simplified navigation structure through thematically classified indicators. Patterns, trends and correlations of monitoring data for the Dutch Wadden Sea are visualised in a series of downloadable graphs, charts and other types of infographics. With background information on the monitoring processes and on how to interpret the results and/or trends, this tool can help to signal changes and thus support management decision making and policy development for this large-scale, intertidal ecosystem.


Hydrodynamics, Geomorphology, Physical-chemical quality, Habita types, Flora- sprecies groups, Benthos,  Fish, Sea mammals, Birds, Economic development, tourism, and Demography & Liveability.

How to use

To use and work with this tool, click on the image above. You will then be redirected to the secure website where this tool is hosted. The tool will open in a new window.