Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
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Institute for Sea Research

Food producers need quality biomass, consumers want quality products

Where food producers need reliable and high quality biomass, consumers want tasty, safe and quality products

Seaweed Research Centre

At the NIOZ Seaweed Research Centre we investigate seaweed physiology and ecology. Seaweeds are a potential alternative for landplant biomass. The knowledge gained at this centre and in collaboration with our partners, can be used for the sustainable production of food and energy for the future.

Info & Contact Info on the research centre and contact option for research questions
Media & Background Latest news, videos and backgrounds of seaweed lifecycles and species
Projects Access to projects and pilots on seaweed cultivation and producing materials
Publications Scientific articles, reports, papers, dissertations and special editions
Facilities The centre uses cultivation tanks specially designed for seaweed research
Collaborations An overview of our partners we intensively collaborate with