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UU-NIOZ Student Work Experience 2020 - Call for Project Proposals


Are you an academic staff member/scientist/PhD student at Utrecht University or NIOZ? Could you use some extra student hands during the summer of 2020? Submit your project proposal now!

NIOZ and Utrecht University are offering 2-month paid Student Work Experience Placements. The aims are: to expose students to marine science, to encourage and foster more collaborations between scientists at Utrecht University and NIOZ, and to get work done that may otherwise not be done. The work placements can be in any of the many disciplines relating to marine science, such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, law, economics and governance, veterinary medicine or science communication. Tasks during a work experience placement could involve (but are not limited to): running samples, cleaning up data, updating a manual/website, troubleshooting, reading and summarising articles. Examples of possible topics of work experience placements are:

  • MICROBIOLOGY/MATHEMATICS: Computational modelling of microbial species interactions
  • BIOLOGY/GEOLOGY: Culturing benthic foraminifera under a range of conditions and analysing their clumped isotopic composition
  • COMMUNICATION: Helping to set up a UU-NIOZ photo archive
  • PHYSICS/COMPUTER SCIENCES: documenting of code, organising of simulations
Selection of projects

For 2020, Utrecht University and NIOZ are looking for projects and paired supervising scientific staff members. Research groups at both institutes are asked to submit their proposals before 12 December 2019 to NIOZ education coordinator Dörte Poszig: Still looking for a counterpart to team up with at NIOZ/UU? Contact Dörte, too. From all submitted eligible projects, 10 projects will randomly be selected and then advertised to the students.

Rules and requirements
  1. UU/NIOZ-pairs: each project should have at least one supervisor based at Utrecht University and at least one supervisor based at NIOZ (location Texel or Yerseke), who will be present during the placement. The student must spend at least 20% of the time at NIOZ and at least 20% at UU.
  2. Number of project proposals: each UU or NIOZ staff member may submit no more than one project proposal.
  3. Extracurricular: project assignments are extracurricular (no EC are awarded), are not related to teaching activities and cannot be part of a thesis/graduation project.
  4. Timing: depending on the project, placements can either be done full-time over the summer break, or part-time over the second semester, or a combination thereof (with a maximum of 2 months FTE work). All work placements should preferably be completed by October.
  5. Job description/requirements: proposals should contain a work description, explaining in max. 250 words what the activities of the student assistant will entail. Job requirements should also be included: what (if any) specific lab experience/background knowledge/computer skills are necessary?
Selection of Students

BSc and MSc students from all departments of Utrecht University who, at the time of the work placement, are still enrolled as a student at UU can apply.

Students have to apply before 10 February 2020, indicating their first and second project of choice in their application.

Based on the students’ application letters for their preferred projects, project supervisors will select students for an interview which will be held in February/March 2020. Selected students will be notified before 15 March 2020. If a student is selected for both his/her preferred projects, he/she may choose. After a positive interview with the project supervisors, the student can start.

Student Pay and Employment

Depending on the project, these placements can either be done full-time over the summer break, or part-time over the second semester, or a combination thereof (with a maximum of 2 months FTE work). All work placements should preferably be completed by October. The student will be employed for at least 1 and a maximum of 5 working days per week, for a total maximum of 320 hrs.

The students are paid scale 1 of the CAO-onderzoeksinstellingen (€1,686 - €2,001 gross per month), since the idea is that the assistantship can serve as a replacement of a summer job outside the University. The salary will be proportionate to the hours worked by the student.

Each Work Experience Placement will also get access to €500 for expenses such as lab materials and travel between NIOZ and Utrecht beyond OV studentenkaart.