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The gut microbiome and personality in free-living red knots

Gut bacteria help with host nutrition and are vital for immune functioning. They can also influence social and risk taking behaviours of their host. Individuals in a population differ in personality. In red knots, individuals differ in exploratory behaviour, which is linked to differences in their diet. The master student working on this project will help determine if the gut microbiome of red knots is correlated with their personality type. For this, the master student will

  • determine personalities of red knots
  • extract DNA and do a PCR
  • analyse the gut microbiome
  • work in the Wadden Sea and on Texel
When & Contact

Start July-September, duration 6 months

For more information, please contact the supervisors of this MSc student project: Maurine Dietz (GELIFES – University of Groningen; and Allert Bijleveld (NIOZ;