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Marine Population Genomics

At the department of Coastal Systems there is room for MSc students who are interested in doing a project on population genomics of marine invertebrate animals, including polychaetes, bivalves and macroparasites. Your project will be a combination of field work, molecular laboratory work and bioinformatics on sequencing data.

Genetic data will allow you to clarify details of the colonization history; when, how often and by which route did the focal species get here? Also, the data can be used to estimate genetic connectivity as an indicator of gene flow among populations. For these two aspects, data from several individuals from several locations, ideally spanning the entire species range, are needed.

If you like the combination of field work, lab work and bioinformatics, please get in touch. The focus can be on one of these aspects, or rather on the combination, depending on your personal interest.

Period: approximately 6 months, the starting date is flexible

Contact: Pieternella Luttikhuizen