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Institute for Sea Research

Institute Advisory Committee (IAC)

Tasks of the IAC

The Institute Advisory Committee (IAC) contributes to maintain and strengthen strategic relationships with science, corporate businesses, local, regional and national politics and other relevant national parties within society. The IAC functions as a societal network in the broadest sense. The IAC members all have affinity with the research carried out at NIOZ and contribute expertise and advice from a wide range of perspectives. The IAC keeps the interests of NIOZ in mind and functions as a critical sparring partner for the institute director. The Institute Advisory Committee meets twice a year and consists of the following persons:

  • Ir. A.J. (Harry) Baayen | Chair of the IAR
    Baayen Advies BV, former director DG Environmental Management VROM, acting DG Central Government Real Estate Agency VROM, director PIANOo, Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre (Ministry of Economic Affairs), director Deltares. 
  • Dr. ir. B. (Bas) Buchner | President of MARIN and chair core team maritime technology TKI water / maritime
  • Mr. ing. J.H. (Jan Hendrik) Dronkers | Director General Air and Shipping, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Prof. dr. J.B.M. (Jack) Middelburg | Professor of Geochemistry, director of research Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University
  • Dr. K.D. (Kirsten) Schuijt | CEO WWF-NL/Wereld Natuur Fonds
  • Ir. M. C. (Michiel) Uitdehaag | Mayor of Texel
  • Ir. H. (Henk) van Muijen | Managing director at MTI Holland (IHC Merwede)
  • Prof. dr. G. (Gerard) van der Steenhoven | General director and chief science officer Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)