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The Spring migration of the knots

Apr 16, 2018

When spring arrives, the migration of the knots takes place. While people often try to lose weight after the winter, for the knots, the spring ‘theme’ is all about getting heavier. They gain weight, fat that will be burned during the long non-stop flights between wintering area and the Arctic breeding area.

Two subspecies of knots make use of the Wadden Sea. One stays the entire winter in the Wadden Sea and breeds in the short summer on the tundra of Greenland and North-East Canada. The other spends its winter in West Africa, makes a stopover in the Wadden Sea in the spring, and then breeds in the north of Russia.

‘The spring migration of the knots’ is the second video of the 10-episode series NIOZ made in collaboration with the project: Tidal flat; how to survive on the boarder of water and land’ of Ruben Smit productions.