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Herald of Spring: The mussels

Apr 24, 2018

Spring has started and that means mating season for many animals en organisms in the Wadden Sea. When the seawater hits the 10 degrees celsius, it is a sign for the mussel to 'spawn'. A female mussel can lay a million eggs at once. Within the seawater, the eggs melt together with the sperm cells of the males and thus, after a period of time, tiny mussel larvae appear. At the end of the summer, the mussels are big enough to detected them with the naked eye.

'Herald of Spring: The mussels are spawning in the Wadden Sea' is the fourth video of the 10-episode series NIOZ made in collaboration with the project: Tidal flat; how to survive on the boarder of water and land’ of Ruben Smit productions: